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Individualized Psychiatric Practice 
Englewood, NJ - in person
NJ, NY, FL - telemedicine

Psychotherapy - Psychopharmacology - Psychosomatic Medicine




I have extensive training and experience practicing both psychotherapy and prescribing psychiatric medication, having been well acquainted with a vast array of psychiatric diagnoses and treatments through my work in medical-surgical units in general hospitals, inpatient psychiatric units, emergency rooms, community mental health centers, intensive outpatient programs, and in private practice.

My experience in various settings enriched my ability to effectively address complex problems and work with various other health service providers in the interest of my patients.



The majority of my patients seek treatment for anxiety, depression, other mood difficulties, difficulties in relationships, self esteem issues, difficulty adjusting to life events (loss, trauma, separation, illness, etc).


The complexity of the psychological aspects of mental life led to the development of many forms of psychotherapy.  The various approaches are based differences in observations, interpretations of data, theories of mental functioning, methods for addressing issues, and views of ideal outcomes. Different schools of thought sometimes contradict, sometimes complement each other.


Psychiatric medication is one of the "biological" treatments for mental disturbances, in which relief from distress is obtained by altering the pre-existing relationships between substances in the body, specifically in the central nervous system, intended to have a beneficial influence on the overall system.


Body and mind affect each other in significant ways. A disturbance in one system often produces disturbances in the other. Psychosomatic medicine addresses these complex mind-body interactions seeking most beneficial approach for the overall health of the individual.

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